Dragon Tattoo Designs for Women

   What makes a dragon so popular as a tattoo design? It is a fascinating mythological creature inspiring awe and worship. Its role in different cultures, especially in the East, was deep and profound. No wonder such tattoo designs are popular with so many people, women among them.

   Dragons have been the most well-known mythical creatures in the world for many centuries. The legends about giant creatures that can fly and breathe fire originated in the ancient cultures of China and Japan. A dragon means mystery and might. This fact makes tattoo designs with their images popular both with women and men in the whole world, not only in the East.

   The western dragon denotes the world’s four elements which are the earth, the fire, the water and the wind. A lot of symbolism is implied in this fact. Thus, the dragon is known to be a short-tempered creature, which signifies the fury of nature. Dragon tattoos mean neither goodness nor evil, the impression they produce depends on what different people think about them. There exist a lot of ideas for dragon tattoos. They are the result of almost two-century history of dragon tattoos. Different forms of media give abundant information concerning their cultural significance.

Relevance of Dragons

   Dragons look like dinosaurs. But everybody knows that in contrast to dinosaurs dragons were the result of human imagination. Maybe the fossils of dinosaurs inspired people’s imagination, but these mythological beasts have been popular since prehistoric times. The Chinese even dare to say that they derive their descent from a dragon. The dragon means good fortune in their culture. Now they look upon it as a deity, and they always connect it with good luck. A Japanese Emperor once claimed that his descent drew from one of the dragons and that he possessed all the qualities that the dragon symbolized. After that a dragon image appeared on the Emperor’s robes. Needless to say that all these cultural subtleties have provoked interest in the dragon, the result being the immense popularity of dragon tattoos.

   If you would like a dragon as a pattern for a tattoo, you should pay attention to a few things. The most essential thing is by all means the tattoo location. The tattoo designs, as well as its size are to be considered next. A dragon can be portrayed in different poses expressing a variety of moods. If the dragon’s teeth are visible and its wings are stretched, people may see in it not only a sign of power, but aggression and hostility as well. If you see a dragon lying, you have a feeling of tranquility and peace. There have been developed numerous dragon tattoo ideas. So you will have a wide choice if you make a decision to have one. Even the dragon’s posture portrays different things.

   When deciding what part of the body will be the right place for your tattoo, bear in mind that a better variant is the part which offers more area, so that the tattoo could be spread and show its true potential. You can guess that for this reason the back is the best place. It is not recommended to paint dragon tattoo designs on the legs. There is little space there for such a tattoo. One more good option is the back of the shoulders. So, the larger amount of area the part of the body provides, the better the tattoo looks.


Colors for Dragon Tattoo

   The color you choose for your dragon tattoo design is of no less importance as you deliver your message through it. Here are some meanings of different colors:

- Black is supposed to say that the parents of this dragon are very old and extremely wise.

- Green stands for the earth and the value of life.

- Gold is considered to be the greatest. It means kindness, wisdom and a strong heart.

- Yellow signifies the East. It is made for great companions.

- Blue signifies the West. It is regarded as compassionate and forgiving.

   What you are to do now is to look through numerous pictures of dragon tattoos for women in order to get that special design that will be unique. You can find thousands of pictures on the Internet which you can have a good look at. But as such pictures are free thousands of people may be viewing them as well. A good idea is to skim through paid websites or books that are not accessible to everybody. Go to a highly skillful tattoo artist who can give you some advice. Find the right design yourself. But in any case before going to a tattoo saloon and getting it printed on your body you should understand what role the tattoo design is going to play in your life.

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