Dragon Tattoos for Girls

   Dragon tattoos are known for their covert sacred meanings and spellbinding design. Keep on reading to discover the most sougth-after dragon designs when we talk about girl’s tattoos.

   It’s generally known that tattoo is a special kind of body art, where permanent pictures or ornaments are imprinted deeply into skin by sharp needle. This process is rather painful and the level of pain mainly depends on the specific part of the body, where the tattoo will be carved. Tattoos had become very popular day after day because they help person to break away from the crowd. Lots of the pictures have common meanings associated with them. But some of them are meaningless - just art and nothing else. Dragon design in tattoos is one of most sought-after pictures with symbolical meanings that goes deeply inside the history of their appearance. In the past, dragon tattoos were admissible only for men. But nowdays they are popular among ladies, too.


   What do Dragon Tattoos Mean

   A dragon itself is a fantastic creature, that is a kind of serpent, reptile or snake with array of sharp claws and ability to regurgitate fire throughout its mouth. The beliefs and myths related to dragon differentiate from each other in different countries. Dragons are ranked into some groups. Eastern and Western dragons are main basic groups of dragon’ design. The first one, eastern dragon had to be the messenger from gods, protecting creature. Instead of it, a western dragon was an evil distructive spirit. People were worshiping Eastern dragon from the past times. Eastern Dragons are devided into Japanese and Chinese ones. They both have some particular colors, features that reflect specific meanings close to them.


   Dragon Tattoo Ideas for Ladies

   Its evident that Dragon tattoos were much more popular and spread among male due to large and masculine manly designs. But today they’ve become one of the favorite pictures for tattoo among women. For example, a lot of female among famous public people have interesting dragon tattoos on their bodies, such as Angelina Jolie. She has the tattoo of dragon on the left arm. As we mentioned earlier, there are two general classes of Eastern dragons that came from China and Japan. Below you can find brief info on both of these groups.


   Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

   People believe that Chinese dragons are the symbol of equilibrium and harmony,strok of luck, health, success etc. Dragons in Chinise style is like a reptile, has flaky body, legs with clawsh. They are wingless. A dragon named 'Lung' in Chinese is a symbol of something mysterious and powerful. These dragon tattoo designs may have different meanings that depends on colors and forms. For example 'Ti-luns', an Earth dragon controls any sources of water on the land, instead of Yellow Chinese one who is popular for having absolutely wisdom and knowledge. Spiritual dragon has name 'Shen-lung'. Rain and wind is under his control.

   You can choose a Chinese dragon tattoo design with thespecific meaning that is closest to you.


   Japanese Dragon Tattoos.

   Rather common to Chinese dragons, there are other types of Japanese dragons. These creatures had always been worshiped and honored in Japan. There are some significant features of a traditionally Japanese dragon such as paws like a tiger has, long whiskers, snaky body. The color of those creatures is connected with the nature of the parents of the tattoo holder. A golden Japanese dragon shows, that the fathers of that person are compassive and powerful, energetic while a black dragon is believed to represent wisdom. So, red small dragon Ka-Riu, Sui-Riu that controls rain, Han-Riu and others are some Japanese kinds ofdragons. Most of them are symbolizing long life and strength.


   Places for a Dragon Tattoo on Your Body

   Appropriate place ofor the dragon tattoo is extremely important, to rise up a good look of the tattoo design. It's reasonable, because dragons are large and they need a wide canvas on the skin. Because of this lower back or even complete back are awesome options for inking a dragon on your skin. However, arms also are good placements for putting pictures of dragon as tatoo.

   Thus, right there you had an opportunity to find some ideas on dragon tattoos for ladies. But before you will go tattoo salon, just be ready that you may need two sessions or more if you reallywant large and complete tattoo. Make sure you had chosen an appropriate place for tattoo. Remember that it is so important to find an excellent tattoo maker expert, whom you will trust your body. It’s good if he has big variety of unique dragon designs for tatoo that he can offer to customers. Enjoy your brand new look!

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