Dragon Tattoos for Men

Those who have ever seen dragon tattoos are fascinated by their magnificence and stick to the idea of getting one for them. Are you one of those people? Then why not get yourself inked? You will be offered a wide choice of designs. Which one to choose? This article will be of some help to you in solving the problem.

When choosing a design for a tattoo, people are often inclined to pick mythological creatures, and the most popular of them are dragons. Dragons are usually depicted as mighty, free and wise. We can find dragons carved onto the prow of the Vikings’ ships. The images were supposed to give their owners craftiness and superhuman sights. The Chinese considered the dragons to be the sons of Gods who were their protectors. Just the other way round, the western dragons had the reputation of being destroyers, who used to raze people’s settlements to the ground. They were also shown as selfish guards of immense riches, while the Japanese looked upon a dragon as a caring husband or a father. In Russia these creatures were depicted with three heads and seven tails. As for dragon tattoos, they symbolize different things too, both for men and for women.


Tattoo Meaning

Of all the dragons people usually choose protectors ? the Eastern dragon tattoos. These dragons are symbols of wisdom, courage, strength and power. The meanings are quite acceptable for men. What concerns women dragon tattoos, they symbolize the beginning of a new life, and women do give birth to new lives. The tattoo artists have developed different styles of dragon tattoos, intended for women and younger people, for example, a smiling dragon or kissing dragons. Though, some people may prefer terrifying depictions of the dragon.


Types of Dragons


Chinese Dragons

Being mysterious symbols of power, the Chinese dragons call up worship in man and even fear. Often referred to as the Lung, they are divided into four main types:

- The Celestial dragon (the Tien Lung) guards the heavens, the territory of Gods.

- The Spiritual dragon (Shen Lung) controls such natural forces as the rain and the wind.

- The Earth dragon (Ti Lung) controls water and the rivers on the Earth.

- The Underworld dragon (Fut's Lung) guards gems and precious metals.

The Chinese dragons may be of five colors:

A white dragon will do for pure and virtuous people.

A black dragon will be the right design for mysterious and deep people.

A vermilion dragon blesses the lakes. A yellow dragon is ready to listen to all pleas.

The most compassionate of the Chinese dragons is an azure dragon.

Because of such a diversity of meanings it’s rather difficult to choose the proper Chinese dragon. You really need a lot of patience and research. Still, spare no effort. Having a tattoo which reflects your personality is great. No matter what design you pick, see to it that it is done properly. The artist should have enough knowledge in this sphere. You should also know that the Chinese culture forbids disfiguring the image of a dragon. It means that the person doesn’t respect the society. And remember that in China a dragon is a symbol of power and strength.


Western Dragons

They are quite different from the dragons in the East ? evil creatures, destroyers of villages, murderers and abductors. They are usually depicted like the serpent ? a head in the shape of a wedge, powerful bodies on four strong legs, sharp-pointed teeth, horns, spines on their backs and a tail which acts like a rudder. Thanks to large wings thee fly up very high. There are fairy-tales that in the Middle Ages brave knights fought these dragons and took over their treasures, or saved the maiden. It was considered that if you killed such a superior being as a dragon, you would become famous. Some people believed that you would understand birds if you ate the heart of a dragon. One more superstition said that to protect you from stab wounds it was enough to rub the blood of a dragon against your skin. Nowadays people who are in prison more often paint the Western dragons.


Where to put the Tattoo

Tattoos are usually put on arms, shoulders or back. It should be a place where other people can see it. Men sometimes choose to have a dragon tattoo made on their legs. Rib cage tattoos are also in demand. Have you decided where you would like to have your dragon tattoo? Women like dragon tattoos too, but they have them inked chiefly on their shoulders, nape, near the ankle and even on their feet.


If you are interested in who of the celebrities wear dragon tattoos, here is a list:

Bruce Willis, an actor, David Arquette, an actor, Brian Austin Green, an actor, Mel "Scary Spice" B, a singer, Melanie "Scary Spice" C, a singer, Pink, a singer, Jonny Winter, a musician, Jeff Hardy, a wrestler and some others.

Choose a clean and safe place where you can get your tattoo without being infected. If you are below the required age, it is necessary that you should get your parent's permission first.

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