Dragon Tattoo Designs - What You Must Know About Dragon Tattoo Designs

   Dragon Tattoo Designs represent one of the most popular designs people want to have on their bodies. It is usually desired because dragons are symbols of power, strength, firm spirit and courage. Also it gives image of a free and fearless existence. It is well-known that tattoos reflect one's essence and there is no better way to tell the world about your inner acceptance then showing it by art on your skin.

   Tattoos always indicate personality or a projection of what he or she associate themselves with or show some needs.

   Dragons inked in European or Asian style are the most commonly drawn. These two types came from rich folklore and mythology background. European dragons usually look like illustrations for medieval tales and ancient books as a guards protecting castle or treasures. Asian style dragons inculcate fear and horror because of formidable look: they are fire-breathing, bloodthirsty creatures.

   Asian dragons are even more popular because of their exotic image and countless stylish variations. In their design there is a balance between two sides of meaning: dark and light, good and evil. It represent mysterious and supernatural power, guardianship and all-seeing wisdom.

   Great variety of dragon designes with special characteristics had come from China. Horned dragon is believed to be the most powerful. Empyrial dragons look after the heaven; Earth dragons are masters of the lands; Spiritual dragons control natural elements such as wind and fire. Treasure dragons protect wealth, gold and gems. Sometimes colors can loudly speak about the meaning of each dragon design. For example, the Yellow dragon is supposed to have great scholarly wisdom, knowledge and astuteness. It also has no horns. Coiling dragons are keepers of the oceans while winged dragons of any color are just creatures with wings.

   Japanese dragon tattoo designs, you also have wide range to choose from. The name of the most powerful and extremely strong dragon is Sui-Riu. He is the dragon-king who controls rain and wind. Other popular design, Han-Riu is a powerful one spanning a length of forty feet with several stripes across its body. Dragon named Ri-Riu is rather rare type with little known about it except for the fact that it has amazing eyesight. Ka-Riu, red dragon is diminutive in size instead of Fuku-Riu who is a crowd favorite because the fortune he is supposed to bring. Hai-Ryo also evolved from Chinese mythology. This image was transformed in different ways and is one of the most advanced dragon forms. It is a kind of dragon-bird.

   If you look into dragons as your future tattoo design, you are considered to be a great deep person. A lot of profound research must be done untill you'd decide wich design will be on your skin; will it have some meaning or will it be mistranslated to others. Anyway, Dragon tattoos are not just symbolizing something special – it can gain the meaning you had put inside the picture.

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